After threading the wooden loom, it takes a weaver 1 day to weave 2 scarves.  When you buy WoVENco you are supporting a longstanding tradition and women who have trained and work hard to make a quality product and support their families in rural Cambodia. 

WoVENco scarfs come with a history and a story for you to build upon.  

Originating from Cambodia, the krama is a multi-functional piece of fabric with a distinctive grid pattern.  For ages, Cambodians have been using kramas to clothe, clean, carry, shade.  In keeping with the idea that kramas transcend boundaries, we are re-imagining them, weaving our own personal style into a product we love and respect.  We bring you WoVENco from across the world so you can wear our scarves in a rice field, to the market, in snowy mountains, hipstering around Brooklyn, slung over a suit, to a yoga class.  

WoVENco scarves are 100% cotton.  The more you use and wash them the softer they become.  They go where you go- they're easy, resilient, and they look good with anything.  

We love knowing where are scarves go as much as knowing from where they come.  Please make our day and share photos of where and how you decide to use and style WoVENco.  

We are woven.